A Spirit Led Non Denominational Church

Meeting at the Mequon Nature Preserve

Sunday Service @ 10am

8200 W County Line Rd. Mequon, WI 53097


#10. What is your Sunday service really like?

The service is scheduled to run for about 90 minutes. This will vary depending on how people's lives are being touched by God and the activities planned that service. We expect God's Spirit to be present in our worship, preaching, prayers and ministry time.

Everyone is invited to a refreshment reception with the pastors and church members immediately following the service.  We offer select coffees and awesome bakery at our coffee shop called, “Holy Grounds” in the fellowship hall.

#9. How should we dress for service?

Comfortably. Really! The pastor who speaks on Sunday may wear a coat and tie, but normally just a nice shirt and jeans.

There is no "dress code" at Spirit Life Church.  If we thought God was primarily interested in clothes we would have opened a dress shop! We (and God) will be very happy to see you in church - however you are dressed!

#8. Are people who are searching like former church goers or agnostics welcome at Spirit Life?

YES! If you are trying to figure this "God thing" out, you are welcome to join us at Spirit Life. While the pastors firmly believe in Jesus and what the Bible says, they certainly weren't born that way! They started out like everyone else and learned about God’s love and forgiveness too.

We realize that getting to know God can be a process and not a one time event. We encourage you to ask questions along your journey. Even though you might not believe in God, we have come to know that He believes in you ... and loves you very deeply!

#7. Is this a Christian church ... or something else?

We totally believe in Christ and all His claims.  We hold to all of the fundamental Christian beliefs. We just present God’s principles in a contemporary and non-traditional style. For more information on our beliefs click on the "beliefs" page.

#6. How can I know God personally for myself?

This might be the most important question people ask.  We encourage you to read through Who Is Jesus. If you are ready to cross the line of faith and make a decision for Christ click here.

#5. How do I get involved at Spirit Life?

Getting involved is as simple as asking one of the pastors or leaders. There are many areas to serve, even for new attenders. In fact, serving with others is one of the best ways to meet new people and build friendships. Most serving roles happen best through relationship. If you are interested in serving somewhere, just ask the pastors. There is always something God has for us. It's why we are on the earth.

#4. Do you have a Bible Study at Spirit Life?

Yes!  We currently are offering all of our Bible Study teachings online on our YouTube Channel.

#3. How do we get to Spirit Life?

Click on the Contact Link for directions.

#2. Can we schedule our wedding at Spirit Life?

Absolutely!  Weddings are one of the things we love to help with and celebrate with people. Just set up a time to meet with Pastors Tom and Lori to go over your special plans and the churches requirements. Check out our Wedding Guide.

And...  The #1 Guest Question is ... the question YOU ask!!!  No really... just ask!